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We offer 2 shipping/pick up options - local pick up (Calgary) or domestic shipping. The website will default to the shipping option and ask for your address, but the following screen will allow you to choose the "pick up" option (and remove the shipping fee). Email us to discuss local pick up options. If you would like your item shipped, please email us to confirm prior to purchasing your items.

Care and cleaning of charcuterie boards

Cleaning of charcuterie or cutting boards should only be done by wiping with warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Do not submerge the board in water and do not place in the dishwasher. After wiping, let dry by standing the board on its edge to air dry. Each board comes with a jar of Claphams wax, Canadian made from food-grade beeswax, carnauba and mineral oil. This should be applied whenever the board looks dry, to reestablish the beautiful shine. Reapply some wax with your hand to the board surface, rub it in, let dry, and buff to a light shine. The board can be used immediately after wax application.

About our shop

coming soon: information about our process of building. Where does all the sanding and cutting taking place?

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