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Who are we here at RED CABIN?


The red cabin at the lake - the inspiration for it all. Where else can you work hard, get covered in sawdust and sweat, dive in the lake, and follow it up by a margarita? At the lake. And there's no where we would rather be.

Red Cabin started in Calgary with 2 sisters and 2 husbands, all creative in their own ways, with the desire to build things that were both beautiful and useful. There were dressers for our new babies, storage beds, poker tables, live edge coffee tables, walnut entry benches, cutting boards,  the list goes on. Building is just so much fun. Creating a useful item is one thing, but then taking it up a notch by infusing an artistic flair, and making a one-of-a-kind item. Like the parachuting beer can pop-bottle rockets where the beer opens mid flight, piloted by small hand painted minions ... really?!  This resulted in our new goal: where art meets ingenuity. 

Case in point - our iPad chargers, which we are very excited about, by the way. How did we ever live without a central household docking station for all our family's devices? But we couldn't leave it at that. Why not carve it into mountains, or bike gears, or who knows what else? That's what makes it fun.

All our products are suitable for any diet and lifestyle. They are gluten free, dairy free, low cal, no added salt, made locally and we don't test anything on animals.


We would love to share our creations with you. 

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